Ivan Maisel of On3 writes:

If you’re a dad, then Sunday is your day.

If you’re a Quarterback Dad, every day is your day.

Every day is your day to produce the next Tom Brady or C.J. Stroud or Arch Manning or some sixth-grader out there who’s The Next Big Arm.

“Quarterback Dads” have become a thing, the testosterone version of a “Stage Mom.” The latter has been around forever (the play “Gypsy,” anyone?), while the former is a relatively recent phenomenon. The concept is the same. At one end of the parenting spectrum are those moms and dads who guide and protect their children. At the other are those parents who try to reach their dreams via the vehicle of their child’s talent.

In “Quarterback Dads: Wild Tales from the Field,” former Chicago Tribune sportswriter Teddy Greenstein and private quarterback coach Donovan Dooley study the genus Quatra Retro Pater, from the dads who stay in the background to the dads blinded by the spotlight of success. Greenstein, now a senior editor at PointsBet, and Dooley list 15 prototypes of a Quarterback Dad. Twelve are, in their diplomatic word, “problematic.” That’s 80 percent, for those of you keeping stats on the sideline, a trait you share with one Quarterback Dad prototype.