Steve Wiltfong of 247Sports writes:

Quarterback University founder Donovan Dooley is excited about his book Quarterback Dads (Wild Tales From The Field), written alongside Teddy Greenstein who had a long career churning out articles at the Chicago Tribune.

The book includes interviews with Archie Manning, Kurt Warner, Warren Moon and Todd Marinovich.

“Giving quarterback dads perspective in regards to how to build stronger relationships with their son and it’s still a game and football is a small percentage of life,” Dooley said. “We love it ultimately, but there is detrimental things fathers don’t know they’re doing to their kids in their households and the kids end up losing love for the game. I think within the book, it gives stories of quarterback dads, some do it the right way and some do it the wrong way. It’s a good way to read about yourself because some people can’t see it and some dads don’t want to see it.”

From 15 types of quarterback dads (not all bad) to some funny behind the scenes stories, the book is a quick read.

“Anytime a coach says you’re a quarterback dad, that term around the country has a negative connotation to it,” Dooley said. “Let’s change that narrative. Yes it’s the prime position and people spend thousands of dollars in pursuit of a scholarship but ultimately there is a double-edged sword in being a quarterback dad.”